Industrial Hygiene Accessories

To complete the instrumentation, Mega System is able to offer the most varied and complete range of accessories for personal and environmental sampling:

  • Filter holders Ø 25/37/47 mm
  • Calibration nozzles Ø 25/37 mm
  • Tapered nozzles Ø 25/37/47 mm (various entry holes for 1.25 m/s speed) and IOM preselector for BREATHABLE dusts
  • Cylindrical nozzles Ø 25/37/47 mm for asbestos fibers
  • Cyclones Dorr Oliver and GS3 Ø 25/37 mm for BREATHABLE dusts
  • Single and multiple way flow regulators, complete with vial cover for the sampling of SOV
  • Ball flow meters
  • Glass scrubbers for ACID sampling
  • Scrubber supports
  • Telescopic tripod
  • Collector support clamp
  • Filter support boxes