The constant flow personal samplers of the LIFE XMF series are extremely precise and reliable and are suitable for sampling according to the regulation ISO 13137:2013.

  • membrane pump (double head 8 l/min) with high prevalence
  • operating range: 50 cc/min ÷ 5 l/min (with in line collector)
  • digital flow setting by means of a built-in MASS FLOW (precision: 2%)
  • recording and display of temperature and sampled volume
  • constant flow rate with automatic compensation of the load losses
  • BY-PASS as standard which allows to carry out samplings at low flows without the aid of external
  • alarm signal out of range of 5%
  • data storage – USB port for data download to a flash drive 
  • dimensions: 135 x 82 x 56 mm – weight: 650 g