life gas


LIFE XP GAS is an instrument designed to execute low flow emission sampling, including: gas adsorption in the liquid phase by means of bubblers (acid) in compliance with Law Decree 25/08/2000 (Istisan Report 98/2) and gas adsorption in the solid phase by the use of assorbing sorbent tubes (SOV) in compliance with UNI EN 13649. It also complies with UNI EN 1232. The instrument is equipped with a MASS FLOW sensor allowing to automatically set, adjust and control the flow; a volume flow meter for the measurement of the sampled volume, as provided for by the regulations in force.

  • membrane pumo 8 l/min with high head
  • operating range: 0.2 ÷ 3 l/min (with captator in line)
  • dimensions: 240 x 260 x 285 mm
  • weight: 5 Kg