Lotus and Aster: new products for emissions samplings

The field of control and monitoring of the environmental pollution is constantly evolving and Mega System will never stop learning and improving itself to provide its clients only high-quality products.

After months of tests, we are pleased to introduce to you two new products for environmental and emissions samplings: LOTUS and ASTER.


LOTUS is an automatic processor, that allows isokinetic sampling together with our Lifetek and Aster product line.

This new tool has several interesting features, some of which are inherited from its previous version Isocheck SRB:

  • 3 independent sensors to detect Differential, Static and Barometric pression. In this way you can obtain more accurate results from the samplings, avoiding errors that could compromise the entire sample;
  • A new 2” graphic display, now the data reading is easier and more readable.

This new display offers the chance to have more functionalities, for example a new tool that allows to export customers lists and all the data from the computer;

  • Connection with Aster pump tested up to 30 meters;
  • USB port to download data;
  • Long life internal lithium battery able to support also the longest samplings;
  • Low weight (only 500 grams), a little shoulder bag and display protection for an easier and safer use, also during difficult samplings.


ASTER is our second big news: it is an emissions and environmental automatic and portable sampler.

Aster has many features, like:

  • The possibility to make constant flow environmental and isokinetic samplings;
  • A new 7” touch screen display for an easier readability and clarity during samplings, programming etc.;
  • Low weight and dimensions to be easy to carry also in areas of difficult access;
  • A shoulder bag and a display protection to protect the touch screen and increase comfort and safety while using;
  • Flow control, adjustment and compensation are fully automatic. The high prevalence of the pump allows you to automatically compensate the variations in pressure drops;
  • Dual power supply: it can use a mains power source and/or an optional external battery box;
  • Alarm system to report any anomalies (E.g. power loss, missed constant flow control, etc.);
  • Two models with different flow rates and weights according to the customer’s needs: Aster 33 is the little one with 7 kg and 25 litres per minute or Aster 55 is 10,5 kg with 50 litres per minute.

By connecting Lotus and Aster via a serial cable of up to 30 meters it is possible to manage the isokinetic sampling automatically.
Lotus is able to manage the Aster pump in complete autonomy, giving the possibility to leave it on the ground, simplifying the sampling.

Both instruments have been designed in accordance with current legislation in the fields of environment and emissions like: UNI EN 15259, UNI EN ISO 16911-1, UNI EN 13284-1 e ISO 9096.

If you need other information is possible to consult the data sheets of the products on our website or you can just contact us.