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Industrial Hygiene

Reference standards:

UNI EN 481:1994 – Workplace atmospheres: size fraction definitions for measurement of airborne particles

UNI EN 689:2019 – Exposure in workplace:
– Measurement of exposure by inhalation to chemical
– Measurement strategy for comparing workers’ exposure by inhalation with occupational exposure limit values (OELVs).

Unichim method 1998:2013 – Workplace:
– Determination of inhalable fraction of airborne particles
– Gravimetric method

Unichim method 2010:2011 – Workplace
– Determination of inhalable fraction of airborne particle
– Gravimetric method

Ministerial Decree 6/09/1994 – Ministerial Decree 6 September 1994, Ministry of Health (G.U. n.288, ordinary supplement of 10 December 1994): regulations and technical methodologies for risk valuation, reclamation, check and maintenance of materials containing asbestos inside buildings.

Personal samples in workplace

Air sampling in workplace

1. LIFE ONE enviromental sampler
2. PVC absorber for Silica gel
3. Telescopic stand compete with caliper support
4. Aluminium filter holder Ø 25/47 mm
5. Conical nozzle for INHALABLE dusts Ø 25/47 mm
6. Cylindrical nozzle for ASBESTOS fibers
7. Vial holder for SOV sampling
8. Scrubbers for acid samplings