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Industrial hygiene is a discipline to support risk assessment in the workplace.
Worldwide, 81% of workplace deaths are caused by long-term occupational hazards, such as exposure to toxic substances or fumes.
Carrying out routine checks in the workplace is essential for the health of workers and not to incur penalties if the quantity of pollutants present is above the limits established by law.
Our instruments can be used in workplaces to sample various types of pollutants in compliance with European directives on the protection of the health and safety of workers.


Environmental monitoring is a verification of the environmental parameters that affect pollution.
It consists of outdoor samples to evaluate the quality of the air we breathe, made up of dust classified according to their size and the ability to penetrate our respiratory system. Our instruments are designed for outdoor operation and allow you to perform sampling (even over long periods of time) with reliability and precision.


Monitoring of emissions consists of an analysis of data collected by instruments that detect and measure the presence of gas and various types of fumes introduced into the atmosphere by industrial plants of various kinds.
Decades of Mega System’s experience allows us to offer a wide range of instruments: complete sampling lines, gas analyzers, customized solutions designed to meet all the needs of sampling technicians.


Sampling of waste is useful for establishing its quality and stability for a correct disposal policy.
Our instruments are able to determine the biological stability of solid, biostabilized, bio-dried and compost waste, but also to calculate the final aerobic biodegradability degree of plastic and composted material.

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