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Aither PMS

New sequential system for sampling fine dust particles engineered specifically with a main control unit and a separate pump unit in order to make the setup operations
more comfortable and feasible.
The sampler support system transforms into a secure transport case for both pump and control unit by simple 180° rotation, allowing a safe delivery of the instrument.

  • Sequential system for fine dust particles
  • Compliant with EN12341
  • Certified from -20°C to 50°C
  • Up to 21 filters capacity
  • Peltier conditioning system for sampled filters
  • Router for remote alarm management
  • Ethernet port for web server connection

Operative Range: 12 L/min – 70 L/min
Power Supply: 230 ± 10 Vac – 50 ÷ 60 Hz
Dimensions: 1400 x 490 x 540 mm
Control Unit Weight: 20 Kg
Pump weight: 21 kg