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Sequential respirometer with 12 channels modular respirometer dedicated to calculating the end-result aerobic biodegradability percentages of plastic material. Measuring the produced CO₂ and checking the deterioration it’s possible to verify the percentage of a material’s biodegradability.

  • In compliance with UNI EN ISO 14855-1
  • Thermostatic chamber
  • Electrochemical sensors O2
  • NDIR CO2 sensors
  • Precise flow adjustment with dedicated mass flow controllers for each channel to be blown into the vessel (2 L)
  • Reports and graphs integrated into the software to calculate the biodegradability’s percentage
  • Possibility of calculating and drawing the CO₂ produced and biodegradability curve in real-time
  • Dedicated software able to check all the Hydra systems with only one computer
  • Buffer battery and UPS system on dedicated PC helps safeguard analytics data and records network failure events

Power supply: 230 Vac – 50 Hz
Dimensions: 1542 x 600 x 590 mm
Weight: 60 Kg (control unit) + 60 Kg (thermostatic chamber)