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Life Series

Personal sampler of Life Series suitable for samplings in implementation of European guidelines in the field of workers’ health and safety at work.

  • In compliance with UNI EN ISO 13137
  • Available in two versions: LIFE LT (on/off) and LIFE XP (timer)
  • Membrane pump with double head
  • Flow regulation by means of a flow meter external to the instrument
  • Constant flow rate with automatic compensation of load losses
  • Integrated By-Pass to regulate the pump at low flow rates
  • Alarm notification (flow, battery)
  • Complete with bag, shoulder strap and belt

Operative range: 0,02 L/min – 6 L/min
Power supply: NiMh 12 Vcc
Dimensions: 155 x 80 x 57 mm
Weight: 650 g