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Measuring tubes

Suitable for the measure of air flow and velocity/speed inside the ducts. In combination with a sampling tube with nozzles and filter holder allows to perform isokinetic samplings of dusts in emissions.

  • Compliant with UNI EN ISO 16911-1
  • Available in 2 versions: “L” Pitot and “S” Pitot (Darcy)
  • Realized in stainless steel or in titanium (for the measurement at high temperatures)
  • “S” Pitot tube available with a permanent/interchangeable sliding tip and complete with a thermocouple
  • “S” Pitot tube with length notch
  • “L” Pitot tube in compliance with AMCA and ASHRAE regulations

Available lengths:
500 mm; 1000 mm; 1500 mm; 2000 mm; 2500 mm; 3000 mm

Available lengths: 300 mm; 600 mm; 900 mm; 1200 mm; 1500 mm